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I’m a Brazilian immigrant and I’ve been living in the US since 2018. Ever since I started studying fashion production and image consulting, I’ve dreamt of having my own business.

I’ve always worked in retail, and I have been fascinated with how brands innovate and bring new creativity into the market.

The decision of bringing this idea to life came about when I first moved to the US. I realized there was a gap in the American industry when it came to costume jewelry and silver sterling accessories like the ones we have in Brazil. That was when I decided to start my own brand bringing a little bit of Brazil to the US.

I am Pink Mango. All items are thought of as unique, timeless pieces that all carry a part of myself, whether in their design, color, or details. Pink Mango is not only a brand. It is an extension of my closet, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you.   


Founder of Pink Mango

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